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Guinigi Tower

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Torre Guinigi – the wonderful garden on the clouds of Lucca

Torre Guinigi is undoubtedly one of the historical and architectural symbols of Lucca.

The charm of this magical tower can be fully understood only in one way: climbing the staircase that leads to the top.

You will find yourself in a isante overlooking the entire city, surrounded by a surreal garden, surrounded by a breathtaking view of the historic center and the beautiful hills that collect the entire plain of Lucca.

Nearby attractions and facilities

  • Palazzo Guinigi


    Via Guinigi, 21, 55100 Lucca LU

  • Il Bistrot di Piqui


    Via Sant’Andrea, 54, 55100 Lucca LU

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Piazza Napoleone (Square)

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Piazza Napoleone – the “Piazza Grande” meeting center of Lucca

Piazza Napoleone, almost always called Piazza Grande, is a landmark meeting point of the historic center and welcomes some events and attractions of the city life.

The square, as its name rather large, is located in the south of the historic center, not too far from the walls.

Like all the squares of Lucca is surrounded by historic buildings, in particular stands Palazzo Ducale, now home to offices and periodic cultural exhibitions.

Full of restaurants and historic shops, Piazza Grande is magical during the Christmas period. A large ice skating rink is installed and the horse market and carousel arrive, creating a truly magical atmosphere!

Among the events in which Piazza Napoleone participates, we remember of course the Summer Festival and some stands of Lucca Comics.

Nearby attractions and facilities

  • Da Ciacco

    Restaurant Napoleone, 10, 55100 Lucca LU

  • Da Umberto

    Pizza Napoleone, 24, 55100 Lucca LU

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Anfiteatro Square

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Piazza Anfiteatro – the splendid nineteenth-century square of Nottolini

Of ancient origins, piazza dell’Anfiteatro comes to life in the first century AD, in the middle of Roman times.

Over the centuries, the square has to face many vicissitudes. With the barbarian invasions, between 300 and 400, the square is practically demolished and for many centuries it takes the name of “caves”, following the use of space as a quarry.

Over the years, many buildings stand in the center of the “square”, until, in 1800, the architect Lorenzo Nottolini will make Piazza Anfiteatro what we know today.

Freeing the square from the buildings of the past, it creates a unique elliptical space, which today continues to fascinate tourists from all over the world, as well as hosting one of the main centers of aggregation of the social life of Lucca.

The square hosted the home of Antonio Possenti, one of the most appreciated contemporary Lucchese artists.

  • Anfiteatro_Lucca

  • piazza anfiteatro lucca

  • anfiteatro notte

  • anfiteatro-lucca

  • lucca_piazza_anfiteatro_ctsp

  • anfiteatro

  • cartolina-anfiteatro

  • possenti

Nearby attractions and facilities

  • Trattoria da Ubaldo


    Via dell’Anfiteatro, 67, 55100 Lucca LU

  • Osteria Baralla


    Via dell’Anfiteatro, 9, 55100 Lucca LU

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  • Guinigi Tower is one of the main historical attractions within the walls of Lucca. Absolutely not to be missed!

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Tuscany villas rentals: how to choose best

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It all depends mainly on the type of holiday you want to spend , let’s see which are the most popular in the wine and oil region.

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