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A suggested outing to Lucca

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Here are a few tips on how to go on a discovery tour inside the walled city of Lucca…

Get a bicycle you’ll find plenty of bicycle rental outlets.
We recommend you rent one with a basket… you will find many interesting stores along the way.

Have a ride around the city on the walls… just to get a first introduction to the city.

Visit Piazza dell’Anfiteatro the most prominent element of Lucca’s rich Roman heritage.

stop for a delicious ice cream experience at “La Veneta“ or at “Santini“.

While at the Santini ice cream parlour you can admire the statue of Giacomo Puccini by the renowned contemporary artist Vito Tongiani.

Pass by Piazza san Martino… the saint known for having given half of his cloak to a beggar… as depicted by the statue on the facade.

…and if you still feel like discovering more of the city you can get a walky talky recorder which will guide you through the history, the secrets and the masterpieces of the city of Lucca

And for those who will have energy left over, there are the 254 steps up the Guinigi Tower…at the top of which they’ll enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole city and it’s beautiful surrounding countryside!

Following are some suggestions for Restaurants:
For a quick lunch or a snack you can sit a the Caffè Turandot in Piazza San Michele and sip your drink while admiring the fantastic Romanesque façade of San Michele’s Church with its different columns (I challenge you to find two identical ones…)

If instead you are in the mood for a real meal we suggest:
Il Giglio Restaurant in the piazza in front of the Theatre or, if you want to taste some typical Tuscan food, you can go to Leo’s trattoria in piazza della Misericordia.

…Lucca has seen numerous new Cafés and Restaurants opening lately, so why not do some “restaurant hunting“ of your own and report back to me with your own discoveries…