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Spring Holidays in Lucca

Lucca is a city full of green areas and natural landscapes, ideal to be enjoyed in the spring season.

A holiday in this period is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a “lively” city, full of numerous events throughout the province.

Spring weather in Lucca

The average temperature in spring is mild, and allows you to enjoy the city without a hitch.

The maximum temperatures vary from 20 ° to 25 ° degrees, with possible peaks of even 30 ° in May.
May which is already an excellent month for swimming in the pool!

Tuscany is not very rainy, especially in May, and Lucca is no exception. Usually the March rains are short and passing, not a problem for a trip or a day in the garden.

Precisely for these characteristics, the ideal choice to enjoy spring holidays in Lucca, in the spring, is undoubtedly a holiday villa in the countryside, our advice is undoubtedly Bertolli Villas! 🙂

The Old Town

Never, a holiday in Lucca, can end without one or more visits to the famous historical center.

There are tourist attractions of cultural importance, such as the wonderful walls of Lucca, the amphitheater, the cathedral of San Martino, Torre Guinigi, and we could continue for a long time.

Palazzo Pfanner in Spring

The entire historic center is surrounded by walls, about 4 km long, which can be walked on and are prohibited to traffic.
You can rent bicycles or take a walk to get a splendid view of the interior and exterior of the city, from a very high and surrounded position from greenery, which makes this experience almost magical for those who have never tried it.

Coming down the walls, from one of the many staircases scattered along their entire length, you can taste the typical products, also an ice cream or a granita in one of the many restaurant activities in the city.


Lucca and the province organize numerous events in the spring.

  • Verdemura, April. Exhibition and sale of plants and flowers on the walls.
  • Chocomoments, March. Dedicated to cocoa and its derivatives.
  • Collezionando, March. Exhibition dedicated to comics.

Here you can find all the events: Lucca Events Calendar

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